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San Vino Wine Fight Festival 2020

Spain Craziest Summer Festival

The Wine Fight takes place at a small wine-producing town that is one of the most important in Spain’s La Rioja region. Wearing the white clothe and a red scarf you will take any weapon like buckets, wineskin, sprayers and anything else that can be used to hurl, spray or launch thousands of liters of wine all over the crowd. After battling for some hours, around midday everyone heads back to Plaza de la Paz, where the celebration continues with lots of food, drinks, and people. Later in the evening activities take place in the town’s bull ring. During 3 days festival, you will stay in a camping accommodation with breakfast and dinner, including awsome camping parties.

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From: 2020-01-01

To: 2020-01-01

Features: Fun Festival

Located in: Barcelona, Spain

All day

From $140