Meadows in the Mountains Festival 2021

Meadows in the Mountains festival is the true gem in the wild.

Imagine arriving in a part of the world where the land touches the sky and the sun cuddles nature. Where the summer dew in the morning sunrise glistens every color of the rainbow. Where horses run wild and hammocks swing over the beauty of it all.... Well it is an experience that no one could ever have dreamed of. Meadows in the Mountains festival is the true gem in the wild. Intimately comforting, wild and psychedelic, it is an adventure playground for lovers of all good things, welcoming the humble and bold alike. And the music makes it even dreamier, as it puts you in a bubble of a perfect world. Meadows in the Mountains is the actualization of a dream that plenty of UK festivals have been trying to emulate for the past 25 years, because it is genuine, rather than trying so hard to give the illusion of genuineness. Rather than redefining the idea of a festival, Meadows is a reminder of what a real festival is. Visit this dreamy festival and create your dream within it.

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From: 2021-06-03

To: 2021-06-06

Features: Mountain, Music, Festival

Located in: Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria

All day

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