Indianapolis 500

The Greates Spectacle in Rasing

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the greatest racecourse in the world and hosted some of the biggest names in auto racing history. This race is a premier event for the 2020 IndyCar Series, which is also a giant race among other racing events. Traditionally, Indianapolis 500 is held after Memorial Day weekend, however, in 2020 it will be postponed till August, 23. The event will be running on the track named “Brickyard”. The weird name actually naturally comes from the track being made of brick, at least till the year 1909. You can still see a yard full of brick at the finishing line, which remains there as a symbol of this race. Thirty-three drivers. 200 laps. 500 miles. One bottle of cold milk. The only thing that will complete the magical atmosphere of Indianapolis 500 mix is you. Don't miss out on another incredible edition of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", one of the three most prestigious races on this planet.

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From: 2020-08-23

To: 2020-08-23

Features: Racing Show

Located in: Indianapolis, USA

All day

From $40