Desert Hearts Festival 2022

Be an example to others - and to yourself - of what’s possible when you lead with love.

The mantra of the Desert Heart movement is "House, Techno, & Love... We Are All Desert Hearts." Every single person who attends Desert Hearts is part of the family. Whether you're contributing with a theme camp, workshop, your art, or even just a smile, you’re a part of a larger movement. The festival features not only the music itself but also an art gallery, workshops, healing sanctuary, and vendors. As was mentioned above, you can either contribute to the festival by working there or just come there as a visitor and enjoy the friendly and loving atmosphere. Desert Hearts loves creative, rare, ‘indie’ art and music and fosters everything that suits these parameters. They encourage free-thinking and individuality, so perhaps this is where you can show the true yourself. The vision of the Desert Hearts is very clear: One stage. One vibe. One love.

Information may change without notice and should be confirmed with the company

From: 2022-01-01

To: 2022-01-01

Features: Music Festival

Located in: Los Coyotes Indians Reservation, San Diego, USA

All day

From $300